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Brain Briefing, Episode 8: BMW cANADA | The Perfect Match

Brain Briefing—part of our Brain Food education initiative—is our weekly video series exploring the unconscious response of people to popular content.

Ahead of her appearance in the US Open Finals against Serena Williams, Episode 8 reveals how Canadians respond to Canadian teenaged tennis phenom Bianca Andreescu, in her ad for BMW Canada.

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How to read: The solid line shows the neural engagement level of Canadians, a measure of engagement and persuasiveness derived from audience brain wave activity. The dotted line is the benchmark for this audience. Hit “play” and follow along to see how they respond.

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Content Unconscious Response Evaluation is our approach to analyzing human reactions to stimuli and experiences. Through the recording and analysis of neural activity in the decision-making part of the brain, CURE empowers our customers to radically grow their business with brain data.


It’s using neuroscience technologies to uncover how unconscious minds process and react to video content at the neurological level.

You specify the stimuli, people and timelines, and we’ll do the rest. We take your target specifications and recruit from our community. We expose your video stimuli through the channels of your choosing, deploying our brain measurement platform to record unconscious response to content.

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