95% of decision-making happens in the unconscious brain.

Are you measuring that? We can help.


Brainsights is a technology and human insights company that focuses on what’s happening under the surface.

We employ bio-metric measurement technology that records non-conscious responses of people to content – news, ads, programs, education, products – to surface the unconscious biases that influence behaviour



Content Insights

Dissect audience response to your content. Understand the underlying drivers of advertising and brand performance to improve effectiveness. Test animatics, optimize rough cuts, decompose ad tracking results.


Media Insights

Simply counting impressions doesn’t cut it. Measure the quality of impression across screen, channel and environment for your advertising. Understand and enhance your brand integrations, product placements, and cross-screen video communications.


Consumer Insights

Surface the unconscious drivers of customer decision making. Understand the themes, tones, features and triggers that drive behaviour in your category.

Our Customers


Some of the biggest companies in the world rely on Brainsights to grow their brands and drive their business.