Real People.

Real Brains.

Real Data.

Based on core beliefs around data transparency and ethicality, Brainsights has built a marketplace whereby community members (research participants) can exchange their bio-metric data for value, while marketers, communicators, educators and media companies can use this non-conscious data better to understand consumers - their biases, motivators and decision-making triggers - in order to create better content, communications, experiences and products.


How the Technology Works (EEG)


Brainsights measurement platform is powered by Electroencephalography (EEG) – brain wave readers. Recorded activity is amplified and displayed as waves. Waves are characterized by their respective frequency and amplitude. Different frequencies are associated with different mental states. Those of interest to marketers include ones associated with levels of attention, higher order thinking and memory formation.


Why Neuro Matters

Why Neuro Matters.png