Content Insights

Dissect audience response to your content. Understand the underlying drivers of advertising and brand performance to improve effectiveness. Test animatics, optimize rough cuts, and decompose ad tracking results. Measure your advertising content before it goes live and periodically throughout your campaign.

Test creative concepts

Improve the prospect of success for creative concepts. Test animatics, rough cuts, scripts, or inspirational content across multiple screens and environments.

Optimize your content

Understand how best to cut and optimize your existing creative assets by length, screen, or platform to maximize brand communications effectiveness.

Measure branded content performance

Measure the impact of branded content, brand integrations and sponsorship activations and compare like-for-like with traditional advertising through granular neuromeasurement of key brand moments.

Media Insights

Measure the quality of impression across screen, channel and environment for your advertising. Understand and enhance your brand integrations, product placements, and cross-screen video communications. Media insights can provide valuable post-campaign measurement so you can see how your campaigns are performing in the marketplace.


Evaluate media environments

Maximize the effectiveness of your media investment by quantifying the the halo impact of context on your advertising.

Measure campaign performance

Cross-screen evaluation of video-based campaigns delivers insights from your target’s unconscious mind of creative and media performance across contexts.


Consumer Insights

Surface the unconscious drivers of customer decision making. Understand the themes, tones, features and triggers that drive behaviour in your category. Consumer insights can help your business adapt to changing consumer landscapes and provide valuable intelligence on competitors.

Understand consumer engagement

Dissect how your competition engages consumers and what those consumers value. Uncover opportunities for brand and message differentiation.

Illuminate bias and influences

Drive superior customer understanding by surfacing the key socio-cultural and unconscious influences that motivate and persuade your target audience.

Optimize user experience

Test physiological and neurological experience of digital and media products. Quantify moments of confusion, frustration, delight and cognitive load to accelerate adoption and enhance product success.