Express Brainsights FAQ

1. What’s in the Express Brainsights content reel?

The content reel comprises news clips, online videos, TV show content and advertisements. This creates a realistic experience that would match any viewing session that a participant would be engaged with on an average day.

2. How long is the content reel?

The content reel is 30-40 minutes long.

3. Are participants only watching ads that are being used for analysis?

No. The ads in the reel will be composed of some focal content for testing and other randomly selected ads to represent a simulated advertising break. Participants are unaware of the focal ads for the study.

4. How do you determine the benchmark?

The benchmark for Express Brainsights is created from the average performance of all content that was viewed during your research session. Your content will be benchmarked against this average, which represents any content what would be vying for an audience's attention in a given viewing session.

5. Is Express Brainsights only for advertisements?

No. Any content can be tested so long as it meets the requirements of our content parameters and Terms of Service.

6. Can Express Brainsights analyze multiple pieces of content in one report?

No. Each Express Brainsights Content Report is a standalone analysis. While reports can be compared, Express Brainsights doesn’t combine multiple results into one report. For analysis across multiple pieces of content, please visit our product page or contact

7. Where does the study take place?

Express Brainsights research sessions for the Toronto market take place at our Brainsights office. The lab area is set up with couches, tables and chairs to create a natural viewing environment.

8. How large is the sample?

Express Brainsights samples include 40-60 participants. Learn more about our community here.

For additional questions or customization requests please contact