Animatics testing delivers breakthrough creative concepts

Learn how our CURE approach is used by advertisers across multiple industries to manage investment risks and deliver breakthrough creative.

Background + Opportunity

As an advertiser, you cannot afford to develop and distribute sub-optimal creative. With increasingly fragmented audiences, diminished attention spans, scrutinized budgets and fierce competition, you need to ensure your advertising is delivering the most impact possible. Testing concepts before the move to production is one key means by which you can minimize risk and maximize the outcome of your brand and product messaging.



Our Animatics Testing product is used by leading retailers, banks, packaged goods companies and QSRs to both manage production and media risks, as well as maximize the persuasive potential of their concepts. Our approach is as follows: 

  • We test the animatics/storyboard concepts, providing both overall concept strength scores, as well as second-by-second analysis of the narrative. 

  • In addition, we analyze a selection of finished ads that share the same themes, tones, storylines and proposed production elements, so as to validate and verify the impact of concepts on the target consumer. 

  • We provide two sets of benchmarks in our Animatics Testing – Animatics Benchmarks, and consumer content benchmarks - so as to remove any production-related artefacts associated with testing unfinished spots. 

  • Finally, participants complete an exit survey whereby Purchase Intent, Recall and Consideration are measured. 



Our concept testing solutions provide advertisers with two vital services: prediction of in-market success potential and moment-by-moment unconscious response evaluation to improve and enhance concept strength. Customers have the evidence needed to proceed confidently with concepts and make the necessary decisions in order to achieve business goals.