Proving the value of custom audience segments

Background + Opportunity 

For traditional TV broadcasters investing in data and targeting capabilities, articulating the value of those new capabilities to advertisers can be challenging. This was the challenge facing a national broadcaster when they engaged Brainsights to help prove the value of their new custom audience targeting capabilities.



Brainsights replicated the broadcaster’s custom audience segment in its community of Brainers, and recruited this segment - as well as a control group - to view relevant TV programming, while having their unconscious response evaluated. 

Within the programming were a wide range of ads from various industries; we zeroed in on food and grocery ads given the composition and value proposition of the targeted audience to food and grocery companies. 

We analyzed the response of the custom target audience versus the control, evaluating audience neural engagement and its unconscious drivers - Attention, Emotional Connection and Encoding to Memory - to the various ads. 




Brainsights found double-digit percentage increases in the target audience’s attention, emotional connection and encoding to memory versus the control. This meant that food and grocery advertisers could significantly improve the impact of their advertising by targeting this custom segment. Our consultants packaged these insights into meaningful sales collateral, empowering the broadcaster to successfully sell and grow its custom audience data solution.