Maximizing audience growth for Canadian sports broadcaster

Background + Opportunity

A national sports broadcaster needs to understand how to engage younger and more diverse audience segments and do so without alienating its base. 



Using the broadcaster’s audience segmentation tool, we replicated their key audience segments in our community.

We organized viewing parties in sports bars, recording the unconscious brain activity of more than 150 fans across six live matches. 

Each match was broken down into moments, coded and characterized by features of interest for the broadcaster - camera angles, special segments, game action highlights, talent, and so on. 

Neurological data was analyzed by key audience segment to understand how moments of fan engagement, varied by segment, and how the live sports broadcasts could be improved to maximize content ‘stickiness’.



Brainsights enabled the broadcaster’s producers to both test their assumptions about what connects with various audiences and focus on the key drivers of audience engagement in future live sports broadcasts. They had the necessary data to help rationalize investment decisions in key production elements, like broadcast talent and in-game technology, and create the stickiest content to appeal across base and growth audiences. Doing so led to year-over-year ratings and engagement growth for their relevant sports properties.