Proving the value of brand integrations for national TV broadcaster

Background + opportunity 

Integrating a brand into a show can come at a premium price. But with the rise of ad avoidance, it’s become a vital vehicle for advertisers to connect with audiences, and for publishers to grow their revenue. The challenge is: how can we measure it’s impact on audiences? A national Canadian broadcaster sought to comprehensively answer this question across their portfolio of media brands, using a tool that would provide a like-for-like comparison with traditional video advertising.




In a multi-phased, multi-year study, the national broadcaster worked with Brainsights to test a range of properties, from national news brands, to food programming, daytime talk and home improvement. 

Customized audiences were recruited from Brainsights’ Brainer community and matched the typical audiences for each of the shows and brands tested. 

The shows were viewed by participants while they had their unconscious responses measured every two milliseconds, providing the granularity required to isolate and quantify key brand moments integrated within shows. 

Brand integration moments were tagged and analyzed by type, evaluated individually and together in order to understand the role of various integration components in driving overall brand performance.  

Integration performance were then compared to ad performance using Brainsights’ neural engagement scores.




Our analysis revealed a ‘Brandsell Integration Ecosystem’, whereby different integration placements played different roles for sponsor brands. For example, some integration components acted as signposts to pique audience attention but needed to be combined with others to drive emotional connection and encoding to memory. Furthermore, the role and placement of ads around the integration played considerable roles in performance. Finally, we could articulate the comparative value of integrations versus traditional TV advertising. 

Using these results, the sales team was armed with the necessary evidence not only to prove the value of brand integrations, but also educate advertisers on how best to leverage the full suite of integration opportunities