Optimizing TV ads to Maximize charity Donations

Background + Opportunity

The winter holidays are a key period for charitable giving campaigns, but are also a period of intense competition for donations. Faced with limited media budgets, how could a local youth homeless charity, Covenant House, ensure its TV ad would deliver greatest impact?



Covenant House engaged Brainsights to test and optimize two TV ads – a 60s ad, and a 30s ad. We recruited 100 of their target audience, and screened these two ads alongside 30 minutes of holiday-related video content and competitive charity ads.  

Analyzing the spots at the second-by-second level, and benchmarking these against the competition, we identified the key moments of strength in the 60s ad. These moments had actually been cut from the 30s spot. The 30s spot, on the other hand, had stronger branding. As the 30s ad was to receive more media investment, it had to be optimal. Using the granular insight from this CURE, Covenant House had both ads recut to use the best elements of each. 



Running the optimized TV ads led to a 60% rise in monthly donors for the period, outperforming even the most optimistic objectives. The key imagery from the campaign was subsequently used for several additional campaigns across media channels (Out of Home, for example) due to the evidence of its effectiveness at the neurological and behavioural level.