Maximizing impression quality to drive brand and business growth

How we helped a large banking client improve its cross-platform brand communications.

Background + Opportunity

Video campaigns are increasingly delivered across multiple video channels, platforms and screens. While this presents an opportunity to connect meaningfully with people, it also poses a significant challenge to the marketing and media industry – how can advertisers best represent their brand across this multitude of channels? 

This was the task posed to us by a top Canadian bank when – amidst stiff competition from Fintech and well-resourced incumbents - they needed to tell their story of digital transformation. 




The bank tested its first digital transformation campaign with Brainsights, screening nine different videos of varying lengths (60s, 30s, 15s and 6s) across TV, Laptop and Mobile screens. These ‘focal ads were benchmarked against both its competitive set, and the best in advertising and entertainment content in market. According to the client, the purpose of benchmarking against the latter was to ensure it was breaking through and connecting with consumers versus all the content competing for the attention of consumers today. 

Analyzing each video across screen revealed considerable performance issues by environment. For example, some assets over-performed on TV, but failed to break through on Laptop and Mobile, and vice versa. Several key brand moments within the ads themselves had wildly different impacts on the viewer’s unconscious mind depending on the screen on which it was viewed. The findings both confirmed and evolved Brainsights’ ‘screen rules’. The campaign was not optimized by channels, placements and platforms, and thus a huge amount of media investment was at risk. 

Using the cross-platform unconscious response data, Brainsights’ consultants worked with the bank and its agency partners to implement both the creative adaptations (how to optimize the message by environment) and the media insights (where to place each asset for maximum impact). 




The transformation campaign helped to deliver year over year profit growth of 13% and year over year revenue growth of 5% to the bank’s retail banking arm, as well as considerable uplifts to brand metrics and advertising tracking metrics.