Understanding Millennials with mood reel analysis

Background + Opportunity

A large personal care brand was to launch a new product, but existing brand messaging focused on younger consumers and misaligned with broader portfolio positioning. 

How should this brand ‘speak’ to this new target? Global creative was not suitable for Canadian market – local marketing team needed to create custom messaging. Furthermore, the team was faced with a cluttered marketplace and the ‘difficult to reach/connect with’ audience of an older Millennial male.



Working with the brand’s creative agency, we tested a mood reel of content. 

We sourced video stimuli that represented a set of hypotheses the brand sought to test. These hypotheses included whether to use a conversational or statement tone, whether to use black and white imagery, or colour, and various ways of using music. 

Furthermore, we wanted to ensure the brand could seamlessly mature its messaging for this new, older target audience, so we tested the brand’s historical ads to determine the themes and tones that resonated – and also which to avoid. 

We screened this content for 300+ Millennials, segmenting the audience to understand the differences in response between their target audience, and a control group.



Combined with our creative effectiveness product, which helped to optimize the four rough cut spots produced, the brand saw a +13% increase in trial above and beyond projections, alongside double-digit rises in neural engagement scores.