Building emotional connections with Boomers

Background + Opportunity

HomeEquity Bank, a reverse mortgage provider, wanted to understand how best to connect with its target audience, Canadians aged 55 and older. Traditional representations of this audience in mainstream media failed to resonate, depicting this segment as frail and hopeless. HomeEquity Bank was keen to take a leadership position in the industry, updating and refreshing marketing’s approach to Boomers (55+). Furthermore, the economic opportunity of the Boomer segment for brands and businesses is substantial, with more household wealth and discretionary spending power than any other meaningful demographic segment (see report for details). 



Working alongside the brand’s creative agency, we sourced over 100 videos, coding each with meta-data variables like theme, tone, characters and brands featured. We screened these videos for 300+ Canadians, half of whom were aged 55 or older, recording their unconscious response to this content with EEG. Segmenting the responses by +/- 55 years old, we could discern the best performing messages for each audience, and, comparing their respective unconscious responses, understand how best to connect with the Boomer audience (55+). 



Our study revealed four key trends for connecting with Boomers that marketers should employ to capitalize on this market opportunity. These insights are summarized in a special report “Exposing the Unconscious Age Bias in Media”, which is publicly available below.