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Super Bowl LII ad scorecard: The touchdowns

Despite a 7% decline in ratings, advertising spend for last Sunday's Super Bowl LII still managed to surpass more than $414 million, the second highest year on record. With eyeballs dropping and the price to reach those eyeballs rising (average cost of 30s in the Big Game remains well over $5 million USD), there's even more pressure on advertisers to maximize return on this investment.

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Super Bowl LII ad scorecard: The field goals

Super Bowl LII undoubtedly had some amazing ads. Some were excellent at capturing the audience's attention, like Febreze's The Only Man Whose Bleep Doesn't Stink. Others excelled in driving emotional resonance and consideration, like Amazon's Alexa Lost Her Voice. And let's not forget (as if we could) the most memorable spots from the Super Bowl, like Hyundai's hilarious Ref To The Rescue.

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Super Bowl LII ad scorecard: The sacks

In our previous Super Bowl 52 Ad Scorecard posts, we've looked at which ads scored touchdowns when it came to garnering audience Attention, Connection and Encoding. We've also looked at which spots came up just short, "settling for field goals" in comparison to Sunday's top ads. In this final installment, we'll take a look a which brands got sacked by the competition.

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