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2017's most heartwarming Christmas spot

It seems that most families have some sort of holiday tradition. At Brainsights, ours is measuring the most heart-warming spot of the year. In 2015, we had a tie between Sainsbury's Mog's Christmas Calamity and John Lewis' viral sensation Man On The Moon. You probably remember seeing those ads in your social media feed....the John Lewis ad has been viewed almost 30 million times to this day.

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Topping the UK Christmas charts

With the big day quickly approaching, the Christmas advertising season is in full-swing. Constant bombardment from every angle, TV, radio, print, you name it, there’s Santa (or some derivative). ZenithOptimedia has recently revealed that nearly £310m will be spent globally this December on advertising, a sharp jump from 2014, whereby £287m was the reported spend. One is then left to wonder, what makes Yuletide content sticky? Furthermore, how can it be quantified and who will take home this year’s bragging rights?

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