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Polling the subconscious — Hillary's emails

It’s plagued the Democratic candidate throughout the campaign, an issue that Trump has pressed relentlessly to assert his claims of Hillary’s corruption. But is there anything we can learn from neuroscience regarding how much the email scandal hurts Hillary? And what happens now with the announcement by the FBI director of fresh material to consider?

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When analytics meets imagination

In the marketing industry, some of the stiffest resistance to neuro has come from Creatives. On the surface, it may seem like they don’t believe in the science, that they fear accountability. That makes sense, right? Neuro provides a means to statistically evaluate a previously highly subjective, talent-based activity – that’s enough to make even the most successful creative director squeamish.

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Why Brainsights needs a philosophy, and why that philosophy is fundamentally “openness” and “data respect”

Brainsights is a business that uses brain data to improve content. Regardless of whether that content is an advertisement, a show, or a public service announcement, packaging or even space design, we rely on our community of users – and their brains - to power this model. In exchange, we provide our community with economic, social and – when we host BrainFood parties - nutritional value.

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