Five takeaways from the 2019 Neuromarketing World Forum

Last week in Rome, Brainsights attended the Neuromarketing World Forum.

Here are five things we learned.

1. The concept of neuro measurement extends beyond measuring the brain

  • Eye tracking, bio-metrics (like GSR and heart rate), implicit testing - these are all explored at the Neuromarketing World Forum alongside brain measurement like EEG.

2.Companies are finding a growing number of applications for neuro-measurement that are delivering value to their business:

  • Southwest Airlines discussed using biometrics in User Experience testing

  • Mars discussed creative effectiveness for Mobile

  • Bell Media shared how it’s applying it to content production and brand integration performance

  • Formula One is using galvanic skin response to measure fan responses to races

  • Several brands are using Implicit Association testing to support the development of ‘sonic branding’ - brand audio signatures.

3. Consumer neuroscience and Neuromarketing is becoming a truly global industry now.

  • According to organizers, delegates from more than 40 countries were represented, from as far away as South Africa, Chile, Russia and Brazil. Market development varies wildly - one delegate who works at Henkel in Ukraine was familiar with just one emerging neuro provider in that market - but growth in the field at the global level is clear.

4. Global standards are taking shape

  • Neuroscience measurement has had its share of detractors in part due to the disparate methodologies and approaches, and the vastly different findings. And while there were some differences in findings presented at this year’s Forum, there were also a good deal of similar findings across multiple studies and markets from those using the same underlying technologies. This is a huge development that will help to build confidence in the emerging field.

5. Global consumer neuroscience has leaders with energy and a desire to build a vibrant community

  • Leadership at the NMSBA, the organization behind the Neuromarketing World Forum and the only body of its kind in the world committed to the advancement of consumer neuroscience, is led by a passionate group of people committed to the growth of the industry in all corners of the world. Furthermore, they are clearly interested in developing a meaningful community comprised of brands, market researchers, technology providers and academia - not often the easiest of bedfellows.