Introducing: Express Brainsights

With the launch of Express Brainsights, we’re revolutionizing insights once again. 

The first-of-its-kind service in the consumer neuroscience market, Express Brainsights enables advertisers and content creators to order, purchase, and receive neuroscience insights and data through our web-based portal.

Nowhere else can you find the granularity and accuracy of our reports at this speed and price point: Express Brainsights report pricing starts at $5000 CAD for 30s of video content and is delivered to you within five (5) business days of your order.

The process is seamless. Simply visit our site, select your audience and screen, upload your content, and check out. Within five days, your report will be in your inbox, with your video content scored, benchmarked, and diagnosed. 

What you’ll receive:

  • Neural Engagement Scores versus benchmark, predicting in-market performance. 

  • Analysis of ‘Unconscious Drivers’, which scores your content on Attention, Emotional Connection, and Memory Encoding.

  • Neural Engagement Trace, which maps second-by-second unconscious response to content, identifying points of strength and concern.

  • Top line analysis and commentary.

When should I use Express Brainsights?

  • To predict creative effectiveness.  

    • Brainsights’ results consistently predict in-market creative performance.

  • To decompose content performance.

    • Identify moments of peak performance and moments of softer neural engagement for future content development

  •  To optimize ad cut-downs.

    • Select moments of highest engagement to guide editing decisions for optimal cut-down performance.

  • To evaluate competitive content.

    • Gain competitive intelligence to better determine category positioning.

  • To test new potential creative territory

    • Understand the power and potential pitfalls of similar content

When might Express Brainsights not be the right solution for me?

  • If you have a custom audience need

    • Express Brainsights does not support custom audience requests at this time.

  • If you have a custom benchmark need

    • Express Brainsights benchmarks ad performance against our general content benchmarks.

  • If you require consulting and transformation advice

    • Express Brainsights does not come with any presentation of results by Brainsights consultants, or any additional consulting.

In the above instances, our classic engagement model would likely be a better fit, where we develop the audience to your specification, include the benchmarks most relevant for you, and provide consulting services.

We’re thrilled to bring accessible neuroscience insights to the market and offer a solution that enables even more advertisers and content creators to access and action game-changing insights to drive both deeper connection with their audience, and brand and business growth.

Express Brainsights will be available in English Canada (Toronto) beginning July 2019, before rolling out to additional markets.

Volume pricing packages are also available. Contact to learn more.