Super Bowl LIII ad scorecard: The touchdowns

At Brainsights, we love great creative. We love watching it, discussing it amongst ourselves at the office and offering up our own opinions on whether or not the latest and greatest is indeed the greatest. We’re not alone in this, especially not when it comes to the Super Bowl. Every year, people from around the globe weigh in on which ads they think were best. Pundits include mainstream business sources like Forbes, advertising media outlets like AdWeek and even YouTube channels like WatchMojo.

But with rising costs for Super Bowl advertising, declining NFL viewership more broadly and this year’s Super Bowl posting the worst ratings in a decade, it’s becoming increasingly important for advertisers to ensure they receive bang for their buck. And while speculating over content is fun, there’s something we love even more - measuring its impact at a subconscious, neurological level. That’s why we invited more than 100 people to take place in a study (full study details and methodology below) at our offices in Toronto, where they had their brains scanned as they watched all of the ads from Super Bowl LIII.

The results of this study allow us to look deep into what ads resonated with Canadian viewers, and which ones didn’t. Keeping with an annual Super Bowl tradition, we’ve broken out the ad performance into Touchdowns, Field Goals and Sacks. Here are the ads that made it in to the end zone over their competition.

Touchdowns: Ads That Broke Through

With sports legends ranging from recent stars like Tony Romo and Derek Jeter to NFL legend Bo Jackson, humour and absurdity are prevalent in this year’s most attention-grabbing Super Bowl ads.

5 Spots That Captured Attention

Sketchers | Easy ft. Tony Romo

Planters | Mr. Peanut is Always There in Crunch Time

T-Mobile | We’ll Keep This Brief

Sprint | The Best Of Both Worlds

DEVOUR | Food Porn


Touchdowns: Ads That Drove Consideration

With the exception of the official WeatherTech office dog (let’s face it, who doesn’t love man’s best friend), humour reigned supreme in driving resonance with viewers this year.

5 Spots that drove emotional connection with viewers

Mint Mobile | Chunky Style Milk

WeatherTech | Scout

Hyundai | The Elevator

Bud Light | Medieval Barbers

Olay | Killer Skin


Touchdowns: Ads That Were Memorable

Spectacular trailers (Game of Thrones, Our Planet), technology + self-deprecating humour (T-Mobile, Pringles) and Canada’s own Michael Bublé made of some of Super Bowl LIII’s most memorable ads.

5 spots that people encode to memory

HBO | Game of Thrones Season 8 Trailer - Dragonstone

T-Mobile x Lyft | We’re Here For You

Pringles | Sad Device

Netflix | Our Planet Trailer

bubly | Can I Have A Bublé (Super Bowl LIII Teaser)


Continue following our Super Bowl LIII ad scorecard coverage to find out which brands had to settle for ‘field goals’ and which brands were effectively ‘sacked’ by the competition.