Super Bowl LII ad scorecard: The sacks

In our previous Super Bowl 52 Ad Scorecard posts, we've looked at which ads scored touchdowns when it came to garnering audience Attention, Connection and Encoding. We've also looked at which spots came up just short, "settling for field goals" in comparison to Sunday's top ads. In this final installment, we'll take a look a which brands got sacked by the competition.

The Sacks: Which Ads Failed To Break Through (Attention)

Themes with strong emotional appeals, ranging from attempts to celebrate individuality (Coca-Cola) to honouring those who help others in times of need (Budweiser, Verizon) were largely ineffective at breaking through to viewers of this year's Super Bowl (although the Budweiser ad did receive positive reviews from viewers over 65). Others found in the bottom of the pack included celebrity integrations, both humourous (Jack In The Box) and serious (Turkish Airlines).

5 spots that poorly captured Audience Attention

The Sacks: Which Ads Failed To Emotionally Resonate (Connection)

Marvel movie integrations, free-spirited street races and historic speeches weren't enough to keep multiple auto ads from failing to resonate with viewers. Dodge's Built To Serve not only failed to connect, it also triggered a backlash on Twitter. Monologue-driven spots also found themselves amongst the bottom spots, including ones delivered via rap solos from A-list celebrities.

5 ads that were ineffective at driving Emotional Connection

The Sacks: Which Ads Were Least Memorable (Encoding)

A plethora of celebrity-driven spots (Michelob ULTRA, Squarespace and Pringles) found themselves amongst the least memorable, alongside high-flying figure skating stunts (NBC), a humourous take on working after retirement-age (E*Trade), and others.

5 ads that were weak in Encoding to Memory

Final Thoughts:

Like the half time show and the big game itself, the ads are a major reason many viewers tune in to the Super Bowl every year. But in an attention-scarce economy, it's not enough to produce a new campaign and hope for the best.

To engage the hearts and minds of Super Bowl viewers, brands must accept the same fact that the players themselves face: to be the best you have to beat the best. We think that starts with brain insights and measurement. Want to know more about how the Super Bowl spots did? Shoot us an email. You can also learn more about our approach to audience measurement at