When analytics meets imagination

When analytics meets imagination (or, why creatives should make friends with data)

In the marketing industry, some of the stiffest resistance to neuro has come from Creatives. On the surface, it may seem like they don’t believe in the science, that they fear accountability. That makes sense, right? Neuro provides a means to statistically evaluate a previously highly subjective, talent-based activity – that’s enough to make even the most successful creative director squeamish.

It’s easy to blame creatives’ distrust of neuro on a fear of accountability, but that doesn’t quite tell the whole story. After all, creative is already the most scrutinized aspect of the marketing industry. Creatives brainstorm, create, reject, refine and reject again before finally settling on an idea. That idea is then tested, measured and judged before finally being set loose to influence consumers.

So, why such hostility towards just another type of measurement?

Until now, the rich realm of creativity – the mind – has been solely the realm of the Creative. They produce in a way that many of us cannot – after all, their brains are just wired that way. If you look at it like this, neuro is trespassing on their turf.

But here’s the truth: Neuro can’t replace the talent that we prize creatives for, but it can augment it.

Creatives, mark my words. Neuro will do one of two things for you:

  1. It will help you refine your craft. Neuro can help you select the best content and understand what aspects of that content resonate best with your target. But ultimately, the creation of the content is still yours. Neuro will only help you choose the best ideas and create the best product.

  2. You will have evidence of your talent. You’ll finally be able to put hard numbers, evidence, and science behind why you’re the best. A layer of proof behind the subjectivity, no secrets stolen or lost.

In short, neuro wants to be your friend. Let it.