Super Bowl LIII ad scorecard: The field goals

Last Sunday’s Super Bowl was full of amazing advertising. Athletes + absurd humour was effective an effective formula for capturing audience attention, with Sketchers’ Easy claiming the title for most attention-grabbing spot of the night. Humour also reigned supreme for driving consideration, with newcomer Mint Mobile pulled down the top spot for connection with Chunky Style Milk. And with the final season fast approaching, HBO’s Game of Thrones secured the most memorable ad of the night with their Dragonstone trailer.

You can check out the full list of ads that scored ‘touchdowns’ over the competition in our writeup here. In this piece, we’ll focus on those spots that came up short of the end zone and settled for ‘field goals’ in the hearts and minds of Canadian consumers.

Field Goals: Attention

Doritos second Super Bowl music video in a row, clever comedic concepts (Audi and Colgate), and a pair of more product solutions-focused ads (Google and SimpliSafe), these spots came up short in capturing audience attention.

5 fields goals: breakthrough (Attention)

Audi | Cashew

Google | 100 Billion Words

Doritos | #NowItsHot ft. Chance the Rapper & Backstreet Boys

Colgate | Close Talker

SimpliSafe | Fear Is Everywhere


Field Goals: Connection

Generating hype for upcoming seasons of a TV series (Handmaid’s Tale and Bud Light x Game of Thrones), humours encounters with rappers and actors (Pepsi and Expensify) and an attempt to pull on the heartstrings from Microsoft’s Xbox, these ads landed mid-pack in garnering a deeper connection with the audience.

5 Field Goals: Consideration (Connection)

Hulu | The Handmaid’s Tale, Season 3 Trailer

Pepsi | More Than Ok

Expensify | Expensify Th!$ - 2 Chainz x Adam Scott

Microsoft Xbox | We All Win

Bud Light x Game of Thrones | Joust


Field Goals: Encoding

A pair of product-focused ads (Wix and Norwegian Cruise Lines), the emotional stories from athletes and their first responders (Verizon), the official trailer for Amazon’s newest Prime Original, and a look at AI’s “uncanny valley”, these ads failed to reach the top tier of memorable Super Bowl ads.

5 field goals: Memorability (Encoding)

Verizon | The Team That Wouldn’t Be Here

TurboTax | Robochild

Wix | 2019 Big Game Ad with Karlie Kloss

Norwegian Cruise Lines | Out Here You’re Free

Amazon Prime Originals | Hanna Official Trailer


In our final instalment of this year’s Super Bowl ad scorecard, we’ll look at which ads were effectively ‘sacked’ by the competition.