Super Bowl LII ad scorecard: The field goals

Super Bowl LII undoubtedly had some amazing ads. Some were excellent at capturing the audience's attention, like Febreze's The Only Man Whose Bleep Doesn't Stink. Others excelled in driving emotional resonance and consideration, like Amazon's Alexa Lost Her Voice. And let's not forget (as if we could) the most memorable spots from the Super Bowl, like Hyundai's hilarious Ref To The Rescue.

These advertisers and others scored touchdowns of their own last Sunday night, but which brands came up just a bit short? In this segment of our Super Bowl LII Ad Scorecard, we'll take a look at who had to settle for a field goal when it came to garnering audience engagement.

Field Goals: Breakthrough (Attention)

Celebrities didn't offer guarantees for maintaining viewer attention spans this Super Bowl, with ads featuring former NFL Pro Bowlers, celebrity chefs and movie stars all falling mid-pack this year. Sprint's comedic take on AI was another that came up just a bit short of the top-tier competition.

5 spots that captured moderate Audience Attention

Field Goals: Emotionally-resonating/Consideration-driving Ads (Connection)

Auto and Beer were heavily represented among the average performers in this year's Big Game. Three emotional auto ads and two humorous beer spots are among the ads that fell just a bit short of the big score with viewers.

5 spots that drove some Emotional Connection with Viewers

Field Goals: Memorability (Encoding)

The middle tier of this year's most memorable Super Bowl ads featured ads from a host of industries, including celebrity-driven spots from the NFL and Kia, as well as ads from Diet Coke, Kraft and a Super Bowl-themed ad from Persil ProClean.

5 spots that were somewhat Encoded to Memory

While it would be easy to criticize these ads as having room for improvement - settling for a field goal instead of a touchdown - remember that they still put points on the board amid intense competition. In Part 3 or our Super Bowl 52 Ad Scorecard, we'll take a look at which spots took a sack with the game on the line.

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