Can we quantify the impact of scandal on ad effectiveness?

Responding to scandal by withdrawing advertising is about brand safety and the importance of context in creating associations in the minds of consumers. Exploring the unconscious response of Canadians to the SNC Lavalin scandal and the Liberal party proves instructive in how advertisers should respond to crises and scandal.

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Lulu Tanenbaum's Greatest Hits

Our incredibly talented information designer and analyst, Lulu Tanenbaum is on her final day at Brainsights before leaving on sabbatical. We’re sad to see Lulu go, but she’s seizing the incredible opportunity of studying for her Masters of Data Visualization at the prestigious Parsons School of Design, in New York City!

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CultureKevin Keane
Tiananmen Square and the unconscious mind — Discovering a shared cultural experience that no one ever speaks of

A lone protester takes on the Chinese army in Tiananmen Square, in the heart of Beijing. It’s one of the most iconic photos ever taken, defining a moment and movement that continues to polarize opinion decades later - if it’s even talked about.

Thirty years on, could we understand how Chinese Canadians thought and felt about this moment?

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